CEO's Greeings


Greeting to all of you! Thank you for visiting our website.

We, Advanced Energy is composed of trading experts and skilled engineers who have lots of experience and constructing basis for growth to jump up valuable company as giving better satisfactory to customers.

We closely links businesses on trading and projects in order to maximize business synergies and further expand asset portfolios for profit stabilization.

Our trading business is constructing infrastructures and systems, which are designed to invest in the resources-linked areas for sales expansion and supply stabilization. Project business endeavors to develop resources, such as power generation and chemical plants, as well as trading-related national development type projects, in countries wherein we have regional professionalism and business experience.

Also, we have overseas branches and partner networks all over the world and have showed remarkable capabilities in creating new businesses in cooperation with customers by the combination of skilled trading techniques, strong financing abilities and various business models.

We would like to thank you customers for encouraging and supporting us.
All the employees will cooperate with each other so that Advanced Energy may grow into a global business organizer that leads the global market.